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"A moving tale of personal redemption is delivered with admirable subtlety and complexity in Stephen Suettinger's directorial debut. Starring Bryan Greenberg as an overgrown adolescent struggling to get his emotional act together, A Year and Change makes its familiar themes fresh through its incisive characterizations and excellent performances...the filmmaker invests the proceedings with a true air of authenticity. A Year and Change is the sort of film that will make you wonder how its characters are faring long after the credits roll."

         - Frank Scheck, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER



" engaging and sweet slice-of-life film, with solid performances from the ensemble cast, a strong script and even pacing that carries you along like a river in summer."

          - Jennifer Oliver O'Connell,


"A Superb Drama Overflowing With Top-Notch Performances...I can’t remember the last time I was this impressed by a movie overall.

          - James MacDonald, Irish Film Critic



"A Charming Independent Drama Featuring Real People With Real Problems."
          - CJ A Glover,



"Extremely well paced, beautiful and uplifting, A Year and Change is a brilliant dramedy about real people that gracefully alternates drama and laughs while dealing with real life problems."

          - Sonia Cerca, A Film A Day



"The script is engaging and the pacing is just right, plus it’s got a pretty cool soundtrack that fits the tone and mood of the story."

          - Ruth Maramis, Flixchatter



"A Year and Change is a charming little film that...stays with you long after the end credits roll."

          - Nav Qateel, Influx Magazine



"The film is going to keep you engaged the entire time and it will leave a big smile on your face once it is all said and done."

         - Patrick Ricketts, VideoViews



"This well-made movie makes the case that family, of whatever kind, matters. No fireworks, no gun battles, no end of the world of fantasies. Just a regular guy becoming a good guy. When’s the last time you saw a movie about that?"

         - Tom Swift, RedCarpetCrash



"If you appreciate a good indie drama with strong characterization, an emotional story, and a sweet romance, then A Year and Change may be a good choice to watch this Thanksgiving season. It is a film about learning what is important in life, after all."

         - Amber Topping, Silver Petticoat Review



"Elevated by a fantastic cast, solid writing, and a great director, “A Year And Change” makes its name and presence known to the indie film world with a bang. And it can actually be an illustration about how important it becomes to step back, take a look at where we’re at, and realize that sometimes, that little bit of modification and transition can do wonders."

         - Kirk Fernwood, One Film Fan



"Subtle and uplifting, director and co-writer Stephen Suettinger has crafted a delicious film that studies the changes our protagonist makes, throughout the course of a year, in the wonderfully indie A Year and Change."

        - Ashley Hunt, Vulture Hound Magazine







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